Dr n. wet.

Mateusz Hecold

Owner of Private Veterinary Practice. In 2004-2017 veterinarian in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He started as first contact veterinarian, then for almost 10 years he was working as an academic teacher, assistance professor and Head of X-ray Lab in the Department of Surgery Large Animal Diseases Cathedra with Equine Clinic.In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation about the impact of training on changes in the shape of bones in young half-blood horses, thus obtaining the title of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Moreover, he’s an equine diseases specialist, radiology specialist, veterinarian of Polish Equestrian Federation (PZJ) and a veterinarian of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). Since 2016 dr Hecold has been working as a veterinary consultant in the Endurance Racing Horses Stable in United Arabian Emirates.

Areas of equine diseases, which dr Hecold deals with on a daily basis are primarily orthopedic, regenerative joint therapies (IRAP, stem cells, PRP), physical therapy (high-energy laser therapy, shock wave therapy and sonotherapy). In his work he focuses especially on issues related to diagnostic imaging (mainly X-ray, ultrasound) and pre-purchase examinations.

Dr Hecold broadens his knowledge regularly, both theoretically and practically, on numerous courses and conferences in the country and abroad. His patients are always treated individually, with full involvement at every stage of treatment. There is nothing more satisfying for him as the return of his patients to health and full activity.

As he says: “Working with horses is a new challenge every day, brings a priceless professional experience and is sometimes a source of surprising and unexpected situations. Horses are my passion, which turned into work, an integral part of my life.“